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Investing in Switzerland made easy Sharonoff Investment brings together the entrepreneur and the investor


SharonoFF Investment is the number one partner for buying or selling any business in Switzerland thanks to :

- our knowledge of the Swiss economic market
- our knowledge of the Swiss way of making business
- our domestic and  international contacts.

Switzerland is called an investor’s paradise, not without reason.

A convenient geographical location, a perfectly integrated economy, a rare loyalty to investors, small and medium business legal and tax supports, prospective investment projects supports, these are all favourable conditions for business. This is how a small country without natural resources became one of the world economy leaders, a country with high living standard and big opportunities.

Advantages of opening a business in Switzerland:
High economic development
The Swiss economic prosperity leaves no doubt. It is one of the few countries which is practically not affected by the global financial crisis. The Alpine country is a world financial centre and banking is one of the Swiss economy pillars. The favourable climate allows obtaining a credit with attractive interest rates and a large range of banking and insurance services. Low inflation and stable prices indicate the financial well-being of the country.
Political stability
Swiss political neutrality allowed it to become a center of humanism and peace promotion. Many of the largest international organizations as the UN, the International Red Cross, FIFA and others have headquarters there. Being an internationally oriented country Switzerland is partner of different economic and political events and organizations.
Economic relations with the largest European countries and export-import activity
While not a European Union member Switzerland maintains close economic ties with the EU, not least with nearby France, Germany and Italy. Switzerland is a world-leading commodity-trading center.
Swiss global economic orientation is shown in a significant share of exports and in a large volume of direct investments in other countries. A well-developed transport infrastructure and communication contributes the Swiss economic integration with other countries. 
State support
Investments in Switzerland are the top-priority of economic development policy and in every possible way are supported on tax and legislative levels : a simple procedure of companies registration, by European standards low tax rates, small social contributions, a low degree of state regulation. For foreign investors there are the most loyal conditions including expert consultations and financial support.
High technologies
Switzerland holds leading positions in Science and Technology developments. These are top priorities for the government who actively and financially promotes academic involvement in high-tech industry. Switzerland recently got the leadership of one of the two big FET flagship EU scientific projects, which is quite an achievement for a non-EU member.
Qualified specialists
High quality Swiss education allows to hire highly qualified personnel. It is quite common for a Swiss employee to speak several languages. Well-known is her or his high work motivation and result-oriented focus.
High quality of life in the country
Good ecology, the best in the world public health, efficient social security and respectable salary level indicate of high life quality in the country. Rather high prices don`t influence absolutely the purchasing power which forms a stable good demands.
Beautiful nature, extensive resort areas including ski areas attracts a lot of tourists from all over the world. Being a famous educational and health centre Switzerland develops medical and educational tourism.
A lot of global scale sport and cultural events take place in the country and attract sport fans and art connoisseur.